What Is Invia® Wound Thearpy?

   Negative Pressue Wound Thearpy

Invia® Wound Thearpy uses negative pressure wound thearpy that helps promote the safe and effective healing of chronic and acute wounds of mixed etiology. Gentle negative pressure is applied to the wound using the Medela Vario 18 AC/DC c/i aspirator in conjunction with the wound healing dressing kit to remove infectious materials and mechanically stimulate tissue to promote wound healing.

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Excellence In Healthcare

EXCELLENT Quality!  Medela is the leader in medical pump technology!  Our negative pressure wound pump is quiet, reliable, and light-weight!
EXCELLENT Pricing!  Competitive rental and purchase pricing!  Reduced cost associated with dressing changes that can be done every 48-72 hours!
EXCELLENT Service!  Pumps and supplies delivered within 24 hours of receipt of a signed and confirmed physician order!
EXCELLENT Support!  Superior training and clinical support for physicians, nurses, facilities, medical staff and patients!
EXCELLENT Dressing!  Anti-microbial gauze interface coupled with a variety of drain choices that allow you to address all wounds in the most effective way!  Especially useful in wounds with tunneling and undermining!
EXCELLENT Convenience!  Stable dressing interface that allows clinicians a 24 hour window to address interruptions in therapy when dressing is intact!
EXCELLENT Insurance Coverage!  We are in-network with Medicare, Medicaid, Passport, and most private insurance.
EXCELLENT Choice!  Columbia Medical Equipment and Medela are dedicated to providing negative pressure wound therapy that exceeds your wound care expectations!  Please contact us for additional information!

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